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Are netbooks right for education?

Do netbooks shortchange students or make technology more accessible? Two ed-tech executives offer differing opinions

As use of netbooks grows in schools, a debate arises over efficacy.

As use of netbooks grows in schools, a debate arises over efficacy.

Netbooks–the small, scaled-down notebook computers that have proven to be popular with consumers and schools alike–have taken the computer market by storm in the past year.

During a time of steep budget cuts, many school leaders have turned to netbooks as a less expensive way to get computers into the hands of every student. But not everyone agrees that netbooks, with their smaller screens and processing power, are an ideal solution for education.

Here are two very different perspectives on the issue, published as competing Viewpoints in the October print issue of eSchool News.

What do you think? Let your colleagues know; share your thoughts in the comments section.

–The Editors

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