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Solving the STEM Education Crisis

beakersresizedAs technology becomes an integral part of the workplace, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills are no longer just “good skills” to have; they are increasingly important to a 21st-century education.

Training students for success in the STEM disciplines also is necessary if the U.S. is to remain globally competitive; recent results from the Program for International Student Assessment suggested the top-performing U.S. high school students were bested by students from at least 20 other nations in math and science.

Attracting students to the STEM disciplines is the first hurdle, and retaining student interest in these areas is the second. Solving the STEM education crisis won’t be easy—but with the generous support of, we’ve compiled this collection of stories from our archives, along with other resources, to help you answer this challenge in your own schools.

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eSchool News Articles

Why maker technology is crucial for students with learning difficulties


Many students with learning difficulties—from Dysgraphia and Dyslexia to ADD—respond well to visual or tactile learning and activities that allow physical participation,…

How this innovative district is preparing students for STEM careers


One Ill. district is using computer-based curriculum that's getting some students to take a practical look at science and STEM, both in and out of class.…

How to make elementary teachers stronger in STEM


It's no secret elementary teachers are often weakest in STEM. A targeted PD program out of one university may help, according to these school leaders.…

Journey to the student-centered makerspace


Whether you know it or not, your students are already making things outside of school. From digital animation and programming to video production and duct tape crafts, it’s…

These amazing kits make electronics simple and fun for every student

These amazing kits make electronics simple and fun for every student

Very young students often have a hard time engaging meaningfully in electronics projects. Sure, most middle school kids can learn the function of basic electronic components and follow…

5 keys to a successful STEM program at your school


Interested in making the jump to STEM learning at your school? Mine was too. As an elementary math magnet school for nearly two decades, Mound School was looking…

7 reasons why your school should teach robotics and game design


I love every aspect of programming—the frustration, the creativity, everything. I taught myself and now I’m lucky enough to teach students how to code, build robots, and design…

7 ways to keep girls interested in STEM for the long haul


in the United States, fewer than 15 percent of working engineers are women, despite comprising half of the population. There are a number of possible reasons…

Twenty states involved in changing science instruction

Twenty states involved in changing science instruction

The National Academy of Sciences has kicked off a multi-state campaign to improve science instruction—a move that will lead to a greater emphasis on analytical and conceptual thinking.…

Panel: STEM education crisis stems from unsupported teachers

Panel: STEM education crisis stems from unsupported teachers

According to a panel of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education experts and industry leaders, the United States is still falling short of producing the number of…

Center for Excellence in STEM Education (The College of New Jersey)

Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research

National Governors Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices: STEM Education

National Science Digital Library: STEM Education Resources

Ohio STEM Learning Network

STEM Education Coalition

STEM Equity Pipeline

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Elementary STEM Resources

Step-by-step Example
Making STEM Come Alive for Elementary Students
See how a 5th-grade teacher created a cross-curricular STEM unit covering math, science, and technology literacy.

STEM Report
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.
SETDA discusses the importance of STEM education, the current state of STEM education, barriers to implementing STEM education, and recommends what stakeholders and policymakers can do to support STEM education. Read the SETDA report (pdf).

Elementary STEM Solution
Building students' foundation in critical STEM subjects
This comprehensive online curriculum provides teachers with proven strategies and multiple models of instruction to build students' foundational learning in STEM subjects.