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Press Release: Indiana schools deliver fresher content with Digital Curriculum, One-to-One adoptions

INDIANAPOLIS, August 17 – Students from several Indiana districts are going back to school this year with lighter backpacks. The movement towards digital curriculum has meant that some courses will no longer adopt traditional textbooks. Instead, schools are taking a more focused approach by delivering customized curriculum via one-to-one devices.

“The need to provide more up-to-date information, which could be delivered using a technology device in each student’s hands instead of a dated textbook, was one driving factor with our decision to go 1:1,” says Tim Resler, Technology Supervisor at Beech Grove City Schools. BGCS will be using a platform called CurriculumLoft, which allows teachers to collaborate and consolidate all types of digital teaching resources, such as video clips, websites, Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, SMART Notebook files, ExamView, etc. Once schools populate their CurriculumLoft Cloud, a new technology known as CurriculumLoft Explore1to1 allows them to sync this curriculum to a 10” android device.

The ability for course resources to be stored locally on student devices was an important factor for Crothersville Community School Corporation. “CCSC is located in a rural, high poverty area,” says Assistant Principal Drew Markel. CurriculumLoft allows students to access materials on their devices even where Internet access is not available, such as their homes.

When it comes to choosing the right device, school administrators can become overwhelmed by the plethora of options. “We looked at MacBooks, iPads, netbooks, and laptops,” says Resler. However, several decision factors – including cost, ability of the device to be Adobe Flash enabled, and the ability to manage a high number of devices with limited resources – led them to an android-based device called Kuno. “Using textbook rental fees to pay for the devices, we didn’t want to raise fees for students,” adds Resler. At a price point under $350, Kuno makes a viable one-to-one option for many schools.

It seems that today’s students are more inclined to become engaged in lessons when technology is involved. “Many students are already acclimated to using touch screen based technology, so the use of the Kuno is not a hard transition for the students to make at all,” says Markel. “As a corporation, we decided that we must keep pace with technology to keep our students marketable in today’s workplace.”

For product information about CurriculumLoft or Kuno, please contact Tech Innovation at 855-813-6210, or visit and

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