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eSN Special Report: Smarter Education

Predictive analytics can help schools quickly identify at-risk students—so they can intervene before it’s too late

For years, marketers have used sophisticated software to track consumers’ buying habits and web browsing activity, then crunch this information and make intelligent predictions to target their sales messages more effectively. Now, this same technology is appearing in schools and colleges as well—and observers say it’s a development that could revolutionize education....

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  1. DrEdlyell

    November 5, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    This story and what it reports could be the ‘magic wand’ that can make education more productive.
    As a Professor of Marketing and Economics for 40 years I have watched the marketing field better understand consumers and their behavior and use this knowledge to customize marketing.

    As a State Board of Education member starting in the 1980’s I have always tried to get schools to use education technology, and other technology, like predictive analysis, to customize learning for each student. We can do that better each year, but first we must put aside the barriers to change and present status quo teacher work rules, classroom and time focus, etc.
    There are many ideas for how to do this from what I have written at under articles or the radio show blog.

  2. cynthiaw

    January 23, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Teachers often complain that if they had information available and the instructional strategies avaiable to them would lessen their stress level. Teachers have stated that they don’t have time to compile the data, analyze the data and turn around to find strategies for individual students needs. Having the predictive analytics available will free up their time to send individual quality tie with students who need individual attention.