Black, Latino students perform at levels of 30 years ago

By staff and wire services reports
January 24th, 2012

Educators are expressing alarm that the performance gap between minority and white high school students continues to expand across the United States, with minority teenagers performing at academic levels equal to or lower than those of 30 years ago, America’s Wire reports. Despite the hope that improving education for children of color would propel them to better life outcomes, Latino and African-American students are not being prepared in high school classrooms for brighter futures. While achievement levels have improved considerably for minority elementary and middle school students, educators say their academic performance drops during high school years. How prevalent is the achievement gap at the high school level?

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staff and wire services reports

One Response to “Black, Latino students perform at levels of 30 years ago”

mike young
January 24, 2012

If teachers are doing their jobs fairly for all students, then the achievement gap that existed between students when they entered the education system should grow. The factors that helped one student enter school ahead of another, parent IQ, income, education level, etc…, are the factors that these children go home to everyday after the school day ends. Not only will these advantaged children be able to comprehend the school day’s lessons more readily,the lessons will be reinforced at home much more effectively than the disadvantaged child. 13 years times 180 days of this should produce a very significant gap.