Want to see Time To Know in action? Watch this short video

By Jeff Festa
February 13th, 2012

Time To Know’s Digital Teaching Platform (DTP) is a teacher-led, cloud-based, comprehensive instructional solution for math and English Language Arts. Students work on the same lesson at their level as a whole class, in small groups and individually. Teachers get feedback on performance during the lesson.




Digital Teaching Platform from Time To Know on Vimeo.

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Jeff Festa

3 Responses to “Want to see Time To Know in action? Watch this short video”
April 11, 2012

I disagree. The beauty of a tool like this is that it makes it look easy. The visuals and the ability to manipulate them are tools I wish I had when I was a classroom teacher. Discovery learning is a wonderful thing, and it takes a good teacher to set things up and use the right materials in just the right way to enable kids to learn through discovery without struggling.

April 14, 2012

I think this is great and the possible future of teaching, an entire curriculum in the computer with the teacher as facilitator and active, digital learning for students. Let’s face it. Students live in the digital world, and traditional methods are quickly becoming obsolete. This is how students want to learn, hands-on tactile activities. Now for the possible drawbacks. For one, teachers must continue to prepare and know their content, not allow a computer system to “teach” their students. (I have seen this with scripted programs.) Secondly, schools will need to be able to provide this kind of technology for their students. With the current cuts in education funds and some politicians continued efforts to deprioritize education, it is possible that we will not be able to provide these kinds of programs for our students. Thirdly, this program naturally needs to be supplemented with other kinds of learning activities; students become bored, even with technology. All in all, however, I think vimeo is a wonderful idea.