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Can school networks keep up with demands?

Informal survey gauges schools' readiness to adopt various technologies

Can school networks keep up with demands?

The Common Core State Standards have amped up the call for online assessment systems, and 46 percent of schools reported that they plan to use online assessments as their only form of testing within the next five years. But 15 percent said it is either impossible or difficult to move to online assessments with their current infrastructure.

Nearly half—43 percent—are either using a flipped classroom model or plan to try a flipped model. In the next five years, 13 percent said they plan to completely adopt a flipped model. Only 12.8 percent said their school’s current network infrastructure will definitely allow them to move to the flipped model.

One-third of survey participants currently use social media in the classroom for teaching purposes, and 18 percent said they plan to use it within the year.

Facebook (30 percent) and Google+ (32 percent) are used the most, followed by Twitter (26 percent) and Pinterest (20 percent). Teachers also use StumbleUpon, Gaggle, Edmodo, and Schoology.

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  1. rolandsb

    October 23, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Besides video streaming, the biggest demands on network use by students is allowing uncontrolled mobile devices to connect to the network. The best way to control this is to use the network’s White List capability where you allow access to only approved device MAC addresses. This means students need to register their devices with the school before they can access the school network. Then you can also implement further restrictions if deemed necessary.