How to sustain Common Core efforts

From staff and wire reports
November 8th, 2012

Most U.S. states have pledged to implement the Common Core State Standards.

Educators and policy makers are heavily invested in the Common Core State Standards, and a new ASCD report aims to help school leaders effectively implement the standards to begin educational transformation.

Fulfilling the Promise of the Common Core State Standards: Moving from Adoption to Implementation to Sustainability” identifies activities that educators and policy makers at all levels can undertake to implement the standards successfully.

The recommendations come from data gathered from field work, surveys, and educator summits. While focusing on tactics and strategies that educators across the nation can use to implement the new standards, the report delves deeper into the needs, input, and activities of educators in four states that are diverse in location and education practice—Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, and Utah.

The statewide summits presented an opportunity to determine educators’ level of understanding about the new standards and their professional development needs.

Across the nation, many educators’ perspectives were similar:

  • Educators’ knowledge and awareness of the Common Core State Standards were growing rapidly, but not necessarily in terms of the deeper level of mastery that students need to meet the standards.
  • Many educators were focused on the new common assessments and the accompanying technology issues associated with their deployment.
  • There was widespread initiative fatigue in the field.
  • The vast majority of educators want each child, in each school, in each community to be college and career ready, but there was a lack of understanding about the shift to higher standards.

Based on the data gathered at the statewide summits and field work, ASCD recommends the following priorities to move implementation of the Common Core standards forward:

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One Response to “How to sustain Common Core efforts”

Statewide understanding and utilization of the Common Core Standards will create a more confident and capable student and citizen. The incorporation of educational technologies has bolstered the efforts of the Common Core State Standards; however, not all Edtech companies adhere to the standards, which makes teachers and administrators weary of the value that any given technology may add to their classroom.
The EDU Star System seeks to rate educational technology without bias and to provide schools with a list of researched backed and educationally appropriate technology. Ultimately, teachers and administrators will spend less time and use fewer resources in their efforts to find the best technological teaching aids for their schools.
The EDU Star System will underscore the efforts of companies like Hatch Early Learning. Hatch’s commitments are to only offer products that incorporate the Common Core Standards, are research backed, and are driven by the compilation of individual student profiles analyzed across 18 core competencies. Schools that invest in Hatch’s ecosystem of innovation receive analyzed digital “report cards” from its tablet and whiteboard classroom solutions in addition to free lifetime product support and training. Just like the EDU Star System, Hatch endeavors to make choosing and implementing classroom technologies effortless for teachers, so that they can focus on their students.