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Are we spending too little on standardized tests?

Matt Chingos has an idea that will likely roil the scores of parents and teachers who think the U.S. tests its students too much: we might actually spend too little on standardized testing. But he’s not alone, the Huffington Post reports.

“He shows, that with the debate about testing in this country — it costs too much money — it’s absolutely wrong,” said David Coleman, president of the College Board, the company that administers the SATs. In a report released Thursday titled “State Spending on K-12 Assessments,” Chingos, a fellow at the Brookings Institute, tallied up the cost of standardized testing, a subject that has fueled much debate and speculation. After sending out countless Freedom of Information Act requests and rummaging through boxes of documents, he arrived at an estimate of $1.7 billion…

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