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Press Release: Auburn Public Schools launches new Mobile Solution in conjunction with Crescerance

Auburn Public Schools
District #29, Nebraska

Auburn Public Schools recently launched a mobile app for smartphones that will allow the district to communicate with students, parents, and patrons about the latest news and activities happening in Auburn Public Schools. Take a look at their
iOS app:
Android app:

One of District #29 Board of Education goals is to implement varied communication methods to inform district teachers, students, board of education members, and district patrons of school achievements and plans. The school district understands the need for current and accurate information about the educational opportunities that APS has to offer. Auburn Public Schools believes in the involvement of parents and the community in children’s education and recognizes the benefit of involved communities and how that results in greater cohesion between the teacher, student, and his/her parents. This app is one more piece in the plan to communicate the great education that Auburn has to offer.

The district recognizes that parents and patrons are always on the go; putting district and school-related information in the palm of their hands greatly helps them be as involved as they would like to be. That’s why Auburn Public Schools in conjunction with Crescerance, a leading mobile solutions provider for schools, created a cutting-edge mobile communications solution designed to make parents’ lives a little easier.

Crescerance and Auburn Public Schools will be updating the app constantly to provide the latest information and best features for the school and community. The app currently has information on:

Latest News
Contact information for the school’s administration and teachers
Athletic and School events with the ability to add specific events to your own calendar
Breakfast and Lunch Menus
APS Social Media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and You Tube
Maps and Directions to Auburn Public Schools Buildings and Athletic Facilities
Donations to the Auburn Public Schools Foundation

Learn more about this wonderful district at

Kevin Reiman, Superintendent
Auburn Public Schools

Contact Alefiya Bhatia at Crescerance to help your school / district Go Mobile.

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