Review: Microsoft Surface Pro, the surface that’s more PC than tablet

By staff and wire services reports
February 6th, 2013

How do you reinvent the PC for the tablet era? Asks Microsoft, not surprisingly, has been spending a lot of time mulling over that question in recent years. Its touch-centric new operating system, Windows 8, is largely devoted to answering it. And for the first time ever, the company decided to show us exactly what it thinks a modern PC/tablet hybrid should be by designing and selling its own Windows computer, Surface. Except it didn’t come up with one Surface — it built two of them. The first version, Surface Windows RT, shipped in October, simultaneously with Windows 8. Technically speaking, however, it isn’t a Windows 8 machine: It uses a power-efficient ARM processor and a special version of Windows called Windows RT which only runs new programs designed for the touch-friendly “modern” interface, not all the apps written for conventional PCs. Starting at $499, it’s the closest thing Microsoft has to a direct iPad competitor…

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staff and wire services reports