Let tech organize your teaching

By staff and wire services reports
October 8th, 2013

By now, many new and veteran teachers are settling into the routine of the new school year, Edutopia reports. Hopefully, the back-to-school anxiety levels have subsided and classrooms are alive with learning. Notice that I said “hopefully.” Speaking as someone who spent nine years in the classroom, this was usually the point in the year where I started to feel unorganized and scattered. I had a plan, scope and sequence, but still felt like my organizational methods were beginning to spiral. This feeling occurred in classrooms where I had technology at my disposal and classrooms where I did not. The combination of feeling like you never have a minute to spare, stacks of papers to grade, parents to attend to, and the ever-constant email slowly taking over your precious free time…all of this can frustrate even the most efficient teacher.

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staff and wire services reports