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6 ways eBooks can support Common Core

6 ways eBooks can support Common Core

eBooks could help fulfill new standards’ requirements

eBooks-Common As schools begin implementing the Common Core State Standards, experts say that this could be an opportune time for districts to explore eBooks, specifically because eBooks’ technology features can help fulfill many Common Core requirements.

“Right now, schools are investing in a lot of information texts (nonfiction) and hoping to balance these with literacy texts (fiction) for instruction, research, and recreational reading. It’s now, when schools are looking to better implement Common Core Standards that eBooks should come into play,” said Carl Harvey, school librarian for North Elementary School in Noblesville, Ind., during and webinar.

[Harvey recently discussed the first steps of eBook implementation: “What to consider for eBook implementation.”]

According to Harvey, there are six ways the Common Core will shift current ELA classroom practices, and eBooks can help guide these shifts better than traditional printed textbooks.

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  2. ljwaks

    November 17, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I am no fan of common core standards, but these ideas are excellent ones for all teachers in the digital age.

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