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5 wonderful websites for education webinars

5 wonderful websites for education webinars

These webinars don’t just pitch products–they’re made by educators, for educators

webinars-educationMany webinars available for school administrators and teachers aren’t always full of information. Instead, they promote products or fee-based programs that administrators and teachers don’t have time to review when they’re searching for meaningful content. However, these five websites create some of the most information-rich webinars available for K-12 educators.

As educators (this includes everyone from teachers to superintendents), it’s critical to continue professional development (PD) by keeping up-to-date on current classroom practices, national standards implementation practices, and much more.

Yet, how many times have educators had to sit through a webinar billed as the most informative webinar of the year, but all the speakers are vendors, and actual useful information is never addressed?

The five websites highlighted in this article are by no means the only sources of education webinars, but for the price (all free), ease-of-accessibility, and quality of speakers, resources, and information provided, these hour-long webinars are always worth a watch.

From discussing autism teaching tips to BYOT strategies, and from implementing next-generation assessments to challenges facing chief technology officers, these webinars cover a spectrum of information in education—a spectrum every 21st-century educator can take an interest in.

*Be sure to check out the end of our list—we’ve included some bonuses!

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  1. lcallister721

    November 21, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Don’t forget the short (8 to 20 minute) ondemand WATcasts on current topics offered by WeAreTeachers. Topics like classroom management, preschool success tactics, and visual learning … they allow teachers to hop in anytime to these short videos with experts. See the list here:

  2. lscott.malc

    November 25, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    So pleased to be included in this article! edWeb has over 450 on-demand webinars in our archives as well as dozens of live, interactive webinars every month – all free for educators. Join us today!