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Press Release: Add perfect wheels and timed finishes to CO2 racing activities

From fine-tuning wheels to timing races with ease, Pitsco Education’s latest additions to its CO2 dragster line of products will add polish to student cars and school races.

The process of molding wheels for dragsters isn’t perfect, so Pitsco created a tool to change that: the Wheel Lathe. This simple tool enables students to remove minute amounts of the wheel’s surface to create a perfectly round wheel – all the better for racing. It’s simple to operate and small enough to fit on a desk.

When the wheels are just right and the dragsters are ready, students not only want to race but also want to know how fast their cars are. If you are using a launch system that doesn’t have a finish timer, however, it’s difficult to get accurate race results. Now, teachers don’t have to buy a whole new system to get good results – they can just add the Dual Lane Race Timer.

Perfect with launchers such as the Pitsco AP Dragster Launcher, AP Bottle Racer Launcher, and EZ Start Gate, this timer has a two-lane finish gate with digital timers that are started with a handheld trigger. When the fastest car crosses the finish line, the timer is stopped and the winner is indicated. The timer goes up to 9.999 seconds and can be used on the Pitsco FasTrak or a floor track. The timer can also be used with vehicles that do not require a launcher, such as propeller- or gravity-powered cars.

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