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Here’s why we absolutely need ed-tech

Here's why we absolutely need ed-tech

When evaluating ed-tech resources for their quality, teachers and administrators share some of the same priorities, but differ in other areas. Some criteria include:

  • Learning potential for students (56 percent of teachers; 57 percent of administrators)
  • Fun and engaging for students (44 percent of teachers; 30 percent of administrators)
  • Aligns to academic standards (41 percent of teachers; 65 percent of administrators)
  • Helps teachers teach (32 percent of teachers; 33 percent of administrators)
  • Free (45 percent of teachers; 25 percent of administrators)
  • Overall high quality (29 percent of teachers; 37 percent of administrators)

The survey included 762 preK-12 public school teachers and 205 public school administrators. Results were originally released in May 2013, and the need for ed-tech remains just as relevant today.

The full infographic is below:


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