Four school video tools worth exploring

By Dennis Pierce, Editor in Chief, @eSN_Dennis
February 11th, 2014


Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 3.23.25 PMWeVideo makes video creation accessible to anyone, using cloud-based technologies. With WeVideo, students can create and edit their own videos online and can collaborate on group projects.

This browser-based video editing platform is platform agnostic, meaning it works across any device. Its goal is to “disrupt the process of working on video in the same way Google did for word processing,” said co-founder Bjorn Rustbergaard.

WeVideo includes two different interfaces to accommodate users of varying skill levels. The Storyboard interface is for basic users, while a more advanced interface called Timeline allows you to add transitions and graphics. For now, users must upload their own video clips, but WeVideo is working on adding a library of open content that students can use as well.

WeVideo is free for individual users, but the company sells school-based accounts that include a private, secure “walled garden” feature for sharing videos only among students and their teacher. School-based accounts start around $5 per student, per year, with volume discounts available.

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2 Responses to “Four school video tools worth exploring”

February 12, 2014

Would love to see Glean on this list. Curating best online math and science videos, organizing them by subject and Common Core strand, and wrapping videos in interactive features like Q&A, ranking videos, and an adaptive learning component. Check them out at