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10 elements of great digital content for young learners

10 elements of great digital content for young learners

Young learners have certain preferences that digital content can target and engage

digital-contentSchools across the country are actively involved in the transition to digital content. But what does digital content look like for young learners? How can creating effective digital content impact young children and increase engagement?

Digital content for young children has a number of characteristics that keep children engaged and motivate them to learn, said Mark Schlichting, a veteran children’s interactive content designer and creator of Broderbund’s Living Books series, during an edWeb webinar.

“There’s no real difference between real play and digital play,” Schlichting said. “Play is play, except that digital play is really good at delivering immediate feedback.”

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  1. geurtsp2014

    February 27, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    View archived presentation of “Ages, Stages, and Interactive Pages: Understanding What Makes Great Digital Learning Content for Young Children” with Mark Schlichting, President of Noodleworks Interactive on’s PreK-3 Digital Learning community.

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