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Reinventing the Classroom

VerizonSR1_ResizedTechnology holds great promise to transform teaching and learning: It allows for more personalized instruction, higher levels of student engagement, and instant assessment of students’ skills—giving educators real-time feedback so they can adjust their teaching as necessary.

But in too many classrooms, these elements simply aren’t working together in a cohesive way. A number of factors are holding educators back from realizing technology’s full potential to transform classroom practices.

With the generous support of Promethean & ClassFlow, we’ve assembled this collection of stories and other resources to help you overcome these challenges in your schools.

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eSchool News Articles

3 ways technology should be reinventing rural education


Technology's potential seems particularly compelling for rural schools, which struggle to offer an array of learning opportunities, to transport students to a central facility, and to get the…

Free software helps fuel digital instruction


A new software program from Promethean aims to simplify teaching with technology—regardless of what devices teachers or their students are using.…

Key ways to support your district’s digital transition


Planning, enlisting stakeholder support, and identifying the "why" are chief among the most important steps when it comes to moving from traditional classrooms to digital, connected classrooms.

How learning repositories enable personalized instruction


The emergence of open educational resources and more personalized learning options for students has fueled a need for content repositories that enable teachers, students, and parents to locate…

The 6 hidden tricks for Bring-Your-Own-Device success


By now, most districts considering the implementation of BYOD know there’s a lot more to success than apps and devices. But how can districts accurately measure how much…

School iPads: Not a bust—but not yet a boon


High-profile mistakes have marred some classroom rollouts of iPads; here's what school leaders can learn from these missteps.…

What you should know about self-paced blended learning


Some general research supports the move to Blended Learning, particularly self-paced Blended Learning. This research includes sources as diverse as Daniel Pink, Susan Cain and Anders Ericsson. Daniel Pink…

Creating systemic change? There is no app for that


The rise of educational apps has impacted classrooms across the nation, but there’s one major change that apps can’t implement Today, most schools realize the critical nature of…

How do two ‘connected districts’ do it?


The 95,000 students in Georgia's Fulton County Schools have different learning styles and interests, and district administrators say they believe students' learning opportunities should mirror their preferences and…

The Classroom of 2024: Four future hallmarks


Ten years may not seem like much, but it's enough time for transformation, according to education experts who see the future of education becoming more collaborative and less…

Additional Resources

ClassFlow – Create. Connect. Achieve.

Designed specifically for teachers, ClassFlow™ is a revolutionary cloud-based application that makes lesson planning more efficient and lesson delivery more meaningful by connecting mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to SMARTBoards®, Promethean ActivBoards and other interactive classroom displays.
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