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Choosing the Right Devices for Your Schools

tablet-using-girl-150x150iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, Android devices, or Windows 8 tablets: School leaders today have a wide variety of mobile learning options to choose from.

When rolling out a digital learning initiative, many school leaders place too much focus on what kind of devices to buy, experts agree—and not enough focus on how these devices will be used to transform instruction.

But that doesn’t mean the choice of devices isn’t important. On the contrary, the answer to this second question—how will the devices be used?—should help inform the first.

With the generous support of Black Box, we’ve assembled this collection of stories to help you make the best choice of devices for your own schools.

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eSchool News Articles

New laptops designed with students in mind


With so much recent focus on tablet computers and Chromebooks, it might seem as if traditional laptops have become passé for education. But that’s not the case, as…

Watch out, Apple: Chromebooks on the rise in schools


Education sales of Chromebooks, the lightweight laptops that run software from the internet instead of a local hard drive, have skyrocketed in the last year—and Chromebooks now account…

Students like different mobile devices for various tasks


What kind of mobile device should schools invest in for their students? The answer depends on how students will use the technology for learning, experts say.…

Tablets for education: Fewer iPads?


As more tablets emerge in the ed-tech marketplace, including Intel's new education-focused tablets designed with science inquiry and online collaboration in mind, tablet users are moving into two…

Tablet solutions abound at 2013 ISTE conference

Tablet solutions abound at 2013 ISTE conference

Tablet-based mobile learning was a big area of focus during the 2013 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio in late June, with Microsoft…

iPads soar in popularity among K-12 schools

iPads soar in popularity among K-12 schools

Desktop and laptop PCs still dominate in schools, but iPads already are the second most widely used ed-tech devices in K-12 classrooms just three years after their introduction…

Why iPads? It’s a question of innovation

Why iPads? It’s a question of innovation

By the end of 2012, Apple reported that it had sold more than 4.5 million iPads directly to educational institutions. At its January Education event in New York…

North Carolina school moving to Google Chromebooks for its one-to-one program

North Carolina school moving to Google Chromebooks for its one-to-one program

Educators at Millennium Charter Academy in North Carolina are seeing to it that their students will, so to speak, have their heads in the "cloud" this school year.…

Seven iPad alternatives for schools

Seven iPad alternatives for schools

With their interactive touch screens, easy portability, and quick boot-up time, tablets are increasingly becoming schools’ classroom computers of choice. And while many schools have invested in Apple’s…