TabPilot Android Tablet Management for Schools

By eSchool News Staff
April 11th, 2014

TabPilot is a cloud-based management system that puts teachers in control of classroom tablets. Tablets are locked down so that students see only teacher-enabled apps and web links. Features include a secure browser, app and content distribution, and classroom management functions such as screen freeze and screen monitoring.

TabPilot runs on most brands of Android tablets as well as the company’s own Breea Freedom HD brand of tablets. An optional secure web browser called FocalPoint provides a secure environment for online testing or other situations where teachers want to prevent students from freely browsing the web.

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eSchool News Staff

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April 19, 2014

Sometimes custom browsers can be a challenge as they often do not support critical websites educators rely on. Mojave Networks can help. Mojave provides content control at the network level edtech coordinators can protect students from harmful content while students can use the native browser or even Google Chrome or Safari to reliably use the sites and apps they need –