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Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers

students-with-laptops-150x150Sixty percent of today’s students will have careers that don’t exist yet, which speaks to the challenge schools face in preparing them for their future. So, what are the skills they will need to be successful?

Experts generally agree that the “4 Cs”—communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity—and a strong foundation in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math are the keys to success in a technology-rich, information-based economy.

With the generous support of DreamBox Learning, we’ve assembled this collection of stories and other resources to help you prepare students for college and a career.

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eSchool News Articles

Is this model the future of college and career readiness?


A career academy high school puts college and career readiness and 21st century skills to the test with on-the-job training and a new kind of learning model.…

High schools and manufacturers partner for vocational ed program


A New Jersey vocational program pairs manufacturers and high schools seeks to lift the image of manufacturing jobs for students and prepare them for life after high school.…

Free site uses color test to match students with careers


A new career-matching app is looking to introduce students as young as middle school with modern careers, closing what some have described as an exposure gap. …

Inside the unique STEM school for students with learning difficulties


The nation's first STEM academy for those with social and learning difficulties focuses on both hard and soft skills, from coding to collaboration.…

The innovative district where career prep is the only focus


A look at technology’s role in 21st century career and technical education with forward-thinking Dr. Nivea Torres of the Connecticut Technical High School System, a career-prep high school…

The 5 keys of any successful Career and Technical Education program


Since its inception, the discipline of Career and Technical Education (CTE) has transformed into a rigorous educational program that continues to address students’ skills and training as they…

2 vital components for true college, career readiness


To succeed in the real world, a student must have the ability to work well with others, persevere through challenges, and make healthy choices and responsible decisions. Oftentimes…

What WWII pilots can teach us about math education

An annual study reveals STEM educators' opinions on a variety of topics.

Thirty-four years after its predecessor program became the most viewed series in PBS history, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, is introducing a new generation…

How to get STEM students to ‘poke the universe’ again


Steve Woodhead, manager of global social investment for Chevron, said the energy corporation is trying to address a big problem in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and…

Is the U.S. losing the tech race?


We've all heard the dire pronouncements: U.S. science and technology is losing ground to its global competitors because of a nationwide shortage of scientists and engineers, due primarily…

How our 1,000-year-old math curriculum cheats America’s kids


Imagine you had to take an art class in which you were taught how to paint a fence or a wall, but you were never shown the paintings…

How to teach skills for post-school success


Will every student pursue higher education? Not necessarily. Should every student be prepared for and have the choice to attend college, or pursue other types of post-high school…

Students need stronger college, workforce skills


Students are comfortable using technology, but they often lack important research and information literacy skills, according to a new survey that aims to gauge students' skills in areas…

How the ‘four Cs’ fit with the Common Core


Communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking are an integral part of the Common Core standards; here are free resources that can help you teach these skills.…

A college readiness tool that every district should use


The National Student Clearinghouse's StudentTracker is an invaluable service that can help districts better prepare their students for college success.

The National Student Clearinghouse is a nonprofit…

Are states measuring students’ career readiness?


With a nationwide emphasis on preparing students for the workplace, accompanied by a push to use the Common Core State Standards to buoy these skills, a new report…

How the Common Core is redefining math instruction

How the Common Core is redefining math instruction

What does teaching math look like under the Common Core standards? Lots of classroom interaction and more inquiry-based approaches to learning, according to experts who are helping schools…

ACT to launch college and career testing for elementary school students

ACT to launch college and career testing for elementary school students

Standardized testing is under increasing scrutiny, as proponents tout its potential for bringing accountability to education while opponents deride it as misguided and exhausting. How much testing is…

Stakeholders differ on college and career readiness

A majority of students and executives believe few career opportunities will exist for those without some post-secondary education.

A new report reveals that while teachers, parents, students, and executives believe that college- and career-readiness is essential to students’ post-high school success, the groups rate this differently…

Additional Resources

How to Evaluate Digital Curricula

Choosing and evaluating high-quality digital curricula is a key to preparing students successfully for college or a career. This white paper provides critical guidance in evaluating digital curricula.

Blended Learning Innovations: 10 Major Trends

This paper provides a snapshot of some of the dominant trends in the ever-evolving blended learning landscape, and takes a look at how innovative approaches are boosting achievement in elementary mathematics classrooms in particular.
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