Six great ed-tech resources on YouTube

By Michael Sharnoff, Associate Online Editor, @Michael_eSM
July 28th, 2014

These YouTube resources can help educators improve learning and deliver instruction more effectively, and enhance the student experience

ed-tech-youtube-resourcesEducators and students are using social media to improve learning and deliver instruction more effectively.

This learning dynamic can occur by creating educational websites, communicating about assignments and classroom discussion on Twitter, and engaging with multimedia by posting Vine videos.

Embracing mobile technology and social media in the proper, academic setting can prove productive for learning and growth.

Videos are some of the best teaching tools available to teachers and students, and YouTube offers a seemingly infinite number of educational channels on varying topics.

Take a look at the following six YouTube resources on technology and innovation in education. If you feel that we are missing some terrific resources, please share your views and opinions with us in the comments section below and by joining the conversation on Twitter @eschoolnews.

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One Response to “Six great ed-tech resources on YouTube”

July 28, 2014

Don’t even think of posting to YouTube until you teach students to speak well. Every existing video posted has demonstrated that students don’t speak well. “Well, that’s just how they speak!” Yes, that is how they speak but it is not how they CAN speak. Teachers are posting digital rough drafts. Students are capable of so much more and we should use these tools as opportunities to teach them the importance of effective oral communication.