District to use i-Ready to boost achievement

By Laura Ascione
April 24th, 2015

District will implement its new “A Culture Creating Effective Systems for Success” (ACCESS) program in an effort to increase student achievement

student-achievementCurriculum Associates has partnered with Montgomery County Schools (MCS) in Troy, N.C. to help the district improve student achievement through the implementation of a new development program funded by a three-year Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction online program for reading and mathematics will be a part of the district’s new A Culture Creating Effective Systems for Success (ACCESS) program, which was designed to create a district-wide culture of technology-based education.

ACCESS will provide the rural district with high-quality teaching and learning resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere; expand the reach of effective teachers through connected teaching, instructional redesign and professional learning; and, create a process for teachers and students to readily access assessment data to improve instruction and monitor student progress.


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