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Articles by staff and wire services reports

Tablets turning the page on textbooks

With more than 170 million units sold, the iPad has revolutionized mobile computing since its release in 2010. While Apple’s market share plummeted to about 36 percent last year with…

New app helps students with special needs

"I want chicken nuggets." Those were the first words Cassie Banda-Garcia's parents Jojo and Sofia Garcia could clearly hear her say.…

Most schools don’t teach computer science

Would it surprise you to know that most schools don't teach computer science -- not even the basics? It should, especially given that there will be about 1 million more…

XP phase-out a problem for schools

In less than a week, Microsoft Corp. will end support and updates for the 12-year-old Windows XP, and some state education systems are struggling with how to move forward.If a…

The fastest free Wi-Fi in the nation?

A decade ago, cities jumped on the free municipal wireless bandwagon, but free was not a very good business plan, and most projects went dark when cities or vendors pulled…

Feds reach out to kids over online predators

Federal agents are reaching out to children to get them to use street smarts online in a nationwide push to prevent sexual exploitation cases.Immigration and Customs Enforcement will send agents…

Hacker schools offer students a different path to tech jobs

Aaron Groch had a bachelor’s degree in English and was already writing for the web when he went back to school to study computer programming. But Groch said after two…

Digital Issue Article
Budget for 2014 is a mixed bag for schools

Congress has passed a federal budget for the 2014 fiscal year that includes more money for early childhood education, a priority of President Obama.The budget also restores most of the…

N.J. schools to guide students on using social media

Starting next school year, New Jersey public school districts will be called on to teach middle schoolers about responsible use of social media, according to recently passed legislation.


Texas school districts balk at calculator/app debate

Texas school districts eager to invest in iPads and other mobile devices for their students say a new state rule requiring graphing calculators for eighth-grade test-takers could hold back their…