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California’s digital divide still gaping

California’s digital divide still gaping

Araceli Barron, the bilingual mother of three young children in Sunnyvale, has seen California's digital divide up close. Until recently, the family had no Internet access at home and as…

3 ways internet filtering inhibits learning

Growing up in the digital age means that students have an infinite amount of information available through the internet, but it also means learning reasonable and safe behavior while online. Federal…

The critical ABCs of 802.11ac

A relatively new technology standard has huge potential for school connectivity as it aims to relieve congested networks and drastically increase network speed. The 802.11ac standard operates in the 5-gigahertz spectrum--a…

A collaboration in the cloud: Advancing K-12 technology innovation

Today’s reality of budgetary shortfalls and limited resources make it challenging for K-12 districts around the country to effectively address the technology needs of schools, students and teachers they serve. This…

How Lewisville ISD manages multiple devices — simply and affordably

The Lewisville Independent School District in Texas manages nearly 70,000 computers, laptops, and other mobile devices with a technology staff of fewer than 60 people. Each technician is responsible for…

3 ways to solve data and communication shortcomings

Data Security. Big Data. Personalized Data. Data Breech. We all have been inundated lately with the growing complex conversations around data management including the critical information collected in education.…

Past Google’s first page: Gauging students’ global search skills

“Did he seriously just ask that? How old is this guy?” Well yes, I recently seriously just asked a group of students if they knew how to use Google.…

Four mobile deployment tips from CTOs

Mobile learning is on the rise, and school leaders recognize that mobile initiatives, when implemented correctly, give students a distinct advantage as they enter college and the workforce. But sometimes, roadblocks…

5 myths about Google and InBloom’s student privacy

Keeping students safe is a top priority for administrators, educators and parents, and that is why it is crucial to understand the difference between the myths and facts.…

Five key steps to upgrading your wireless network

Are you ready for the nation’s $3 billion wireless overhaul for education—or the move to online testing? Here’s what you need to know.…

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