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5 emerging trends in today’s libraries

Technology and digital resources are expanding rapidly in U.S. libraries, and important tech tools that serve entire communities are available at nearly all libraries across the nation. The American Library Association's…

Digital divide, lack of certified librarians ‘a national crisis’

Washington, D.C. -- Barbara Stripling, president of the American Library Association, said students, teachers, and librarians are facing "a silent dilemma."

Imagine, she said, you're one of two students…

School libraries urged to embrace the digital–cautiously

Technology might make some parts of libraries obsolete--but librarians won't be among them, panelists contended at the annual Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio, which drew 7,200 attendees. As the…

Librarians’ evolving digital roles

As school increasingly incorporate digital technologies and strategies in classrooms, school libraries are changing, too, becoming hubs of communication, research, and technology-enabled teaching and learning. Today's school librarians work vigilantly to…

10 changes a school library must consider in the digital era

School libraries have come a long way from card catalogues thanks to surges in education technology. But besides re-categorizing, how can libraries support an increasingly digital education? According to experts,…

4 must-have iPad apps for librarians

Educational technology integration has become more and more prevalent in classrooms, from English classes to science labs--but what about the library? Switching from traditional textbooks to eBooks on a tablet…

TCEA: Do your libraries need a change?

Seeking to ensure school librarians' roles reflect the changing nature of education, one Texas school district changed its librarians' positions to better support digital learning.

Library and IT specialists…

How 3 districts leverage librarians’ digital knowledge

Librarians and libraries are in a unique position to help schools and districts prepare for and progress through the digital transition, according to a just-released Alliance for Excellent Education report.

Why school librarians are critical to digital learning

School librarians are critical to the success of digital learning initiatives, and they deserve a place at the table in discussions about digital learning: That’s the message behind a new…

Dozens of L.A. Unified schools lack staff needed to run libraries

As many as 145 schools across L.A. Unified may have closed their libraries, according to staffing numbers provided to KPCC this week.…

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