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Special Education

Brain-scans research delivers lessons on how kids learn

On a recent afternoon, a 10-year-old girl with long, blond, curly hair, gave University of Washington researchers a peek inside her brain. Lying flat on her back inside a machine that…

5 back-to-school apps for special-needs students

Thanks to new technologies, students starting another school year have at their disposal more innovative applications to make the learning process a little easier and more exciting.…

Prepping students with autism for life after K-12

Transitioning to higher education or the workforce is a challenge for most K-12 students, but it can be more challenging for students with autism as they learn to navigate new…

Four special-education innovations from ISTE

A software program that can boost the memory and attention of students with disabilities, called the “most innovative medical advancement of 2012” by the National Institutes of Health, was among…

Gaming may help children with autism socialize

Games help children with autism socialize Video games that require teamwork could be used to improve the social skills of children with autism. It's a simple idea that makes a lot…

6 ways to make digital content universally accessible

As school districts move toward a digital transition and attempt to create content repositories, ensuring that the digital content is accessible for students of all abilities is especially important. A new…

9 special needs apps for students and teachers

Technology is nearly ubiquitous in today's classrooms, and special education teachers have found that mobile devices and apps can help special needs students develop and strengthen a number of skills. Here,…

15 top special education blogs

Special education resources are in high demand, and while each student with special needs is different, special education teachers and support staff benefit from sharing best practices and strategies. Technology enables…

New app helps students with special needs

"I want chicken nuggets." Those were the first words Cassie Banda-Garcia's parents Jojo and Sofia Garcia could clearly hear her say.…

Myths and facts about online speech therapy

Online learning extends educational opportunities to a number of different student groups, and those needing special interventions are able to benefit from expanded learning opportunities, too. One fast-growing online intervention is…

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