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Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA)

TCEA Conference News
ed-tech-tools News

Seven new ed-tech tools to know about

In just the last month, Austin has hosted two major education conferences: the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference and the South by Southwest Education conference (SXSWedu). Here…

robotslab-math News

Math products seek engagement with robotics, gaming

At the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference in Austin this month, several companies demonstrated products designed to help teach math. Two that stood out in particular were…

ipad-use News

Two handy products to support school iPad use

At the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference last week, our editors were on the lookout for innovative, yet practical ed-tech products and services. Here are two such…

3D News

zSpace takes 3D learning to a whole new level

Imagine being able to learn about the human heart by picking up a still-beating heart, turning it over, peering through its outer walls, and watching the various valves…

Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA)
The Texas Computer Education Association is devoted to the use of technology in education. Founded in 1980, the organization’s primary focus is on integrating technology into the K-12 environment and providing members with state-of-the-art information through conferences, workshops, newsletters, the Internet, and collaborations with higher education and business. TCEA is affiliated with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) which provides a two-way channel of information throughout the world.

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Product Showcase

TechSmith solutions

Learn how you can use video to improve education at every level for teaching, training, administrative communication, and parent outreach, all with your favorite devices.

Other Event News

Overcoming the top barrier to school connectivity


Funding remains the largest and most-cited obstacle when it comes to updating schools' infrastructure and installing high-speed broadband internet access, according to a survey from the Consortium for…


Empowering superintendents in the digital age


Superintendents lead. They are charged with preparing students to be college-, career-, and life-ready, and with enabling a 21st-century learning environment. Increasingly, this means leveraging digital technologies to…


Four special-education innovations from ISTE


A software program that can boost the memory and attention of students with disabilities, called the “most innovative medical advancement of 2012” by the National Institutes of Health,…

7 ed-tech summer workshops worth exploring

Send at least one person who is responsible for developing the grant-funded project.

School may last a little longer for some districts than others, depending on how many snow days some parts of the country experienced. But as schools close for the…

How web-based journalism reveals Common Core’s relevance


In order to give students purpose to engage deeply in the Common Core, District 21 in Wheeling, Ill. has partnered with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, a…