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Analyst: Maine ‘grossly overpaid’ for school iPads

In the winter and spring of 2013, the state of Maine and the Los Angeles Unified School District were both shopping for computing devices to put in the hands of their students and teachers. When each finished its negotiations with computer maker Apple, Los Angeles wound up with a much better deal than Maine, even though the contracts were for exactly the same device and a similar number of users. Los Angeles got a 43 percent discount off retail prices. Maine's discount was only 14 percent. "Maine grossly overpaid for these devices," says Stan Smith, owner of The MacSmith, the Falmouth-based business...

Mobile and Handheld Technologies

Fervor and fury over L.A. schools’ iPads

The pitch came from a smiling man in a jacket and tie, sitting at his desk and rhapsodizing about the wonders one product could bring to the Los…


Seven keys to deploying tablets successfully

Marc Fanaroff, a special education administrator for more than 30 years, shares his advice on successfully deploying tablets in schools.…


Why BYOT should begin in elementary school

Usually, districts adopting BYOT programs initiate them at the high school level and allow them to trickle down to the junior high or middle school level. But why…


How do students feel about going mobile?

"Mobile learning" is one of the most commonly-heard phrases in education today, and research continually reinforces the fact that this learning approach has a positive impact on students. Ninety…


Top predictions for tomorrow’s classrooms

Classrooms are changing–how might tech shape the classroom of the future? Given the fast pace with which technology evolves, it’s not entirely a huge stretch to say that…

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5 back-to-school apps for special-needs students

Thanks to new technologies, students starting another school year have at their disposal more innovative applications to make the learning process a little easier and more exciting.…


Mobile learning’s major impact

As mobile learning cements its place in U.S. education, its impact continues to expand throughout school districts across the nation. Last year, Apple's education sales broke $1 billion for…


6 ways texting can improve school communications

Students touch their cell phones 43 times a day and send about 60 texts, showing that mobile technology is the best way to reach them. And with 91…


Use these 4 apps for phonics, art exploration, and more

Each week, we feature a new App of the Week on our website and in our newsletters. These apps are for students or educators and offer a range…


How important is informal learning?

Learning is changing. It is moving from a primarily school-based, formal process to include more informal opportunities. Learning is just as likely to occur among a group of…

Educator Resource Centers

Harnessing Data for Common Core Success


There is broad agreement among education leaders that collecting and analyzing student performance data, and using this information to target instruction more effectively, will be critical in making…

How to Make Blended Learning Work


Blended learning, in which students experience a mix of face-to-face and online instruction, is catching on in K-12 schools—and advocates of this approach say that, when done well,…

Strategies for One-to-One Computing Success


A growing number of school leaders have recognized the benefits of making sure every student has access to a digital learning device, both in the classroom and at…

Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers


Sixty percent of today’s students will have careers that don’t exist yet, which speaks to the challenge schools face in preparing them for their future. So, what are…