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Using iPads Effectively in the Early Grades

A growing number of elementary schools are using iPads to help close early learning gaps among their students. Here’s how—along with some keys to success....

Understanding E-rate 2.0

Understanding E-rate 2.0

In a series of moves that mark the biggest changes to the E-rate program in its 17-year history, the Federal Communications Commission has updated the nation’s school broadband program for the wireless era. Here’s what you need to know....

Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners

Researcher and ELL expert Jim Cummins has identified three keys to success in teaching students who are just learning English. Here’s how technology can help....


A new alternative to college and career readiness exams

Bucking the national assessment trend, Alabama and others are using a new exam from ACT Aspire to make sure students as young as third grade are on a path to college or career readiness....


Experts cite value of elementary world language classes

Learning a second language at an early age has many benefits, research shows—yet only 25 percent of U.S. elementary schools have world language programs....


Why learning foreign languages is a ‘crucial’ skill

Educational technology consultant Alan November is fond of telling a story about a conversation he once had with a senior executive at a global investment bank.

During the course of their discussion, November asked the executive: What’s the most important skill for today’s students to learn, so they are prepared to succeed in the new global economy?

“Empathy,” the executive replied—the ability to understand and respect different cultural points of view.

Most of today’s companies do business with customers all over the world, and several also have branches in multiple countries. Chances are good that when students...

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School libraries changing with move to digital resources

School libraries changing with move to digital resources

As schools across the nation move from printed textbooks to digital materials and digital learning environments, school libraries are adapting to keep pace—and new advancements are changing the…

eSN Publisher’s Report: Visibility within the cloud

eSN Publisher’s Report: Visibility within the cloud

With earlier technologies, the term “cloud computing” was an apt description: As users connected to the cloud, the system couldn’t “see” the type of device they were using—so…

eSN Publisher’s Report: How to thwart bullies through better incident management

eSN Publisher’s Report: How to thwart bullies through better incident management

School bullying is now at crisis levels in the U.S., and it’s one of the primary challenges that school leaders face in managing the learning environment. As school…

Performance assessment making a comeback in schools

Performance assessment making a comeback in schools

Spurred by a federal directive to use “multiple measures” of student success, performance assessment is reemerging as a strategy to delve more deeply into students’ skills.…

Hosted VoIP: A better call?

Hosted VoIP: A better call?

As school districts replace their antiquated phone systems, a growing number of districts are choosing hosted, or “managed,” voice-over-IP service. Besides being easier to manage, hosted VoIP service…

eSN Special Report: Smarter Education

eSN Special Report: Smarter Education

For years, marketers have used sophisticated software to track consumers’ buying habits and web browsing activity, then crunch this information and make intelligent predictions to target their sales…

eSN Publisher’s Report: Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

eSN Publisher’s Report: Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Is cloud computing secure? That’s a question many ed-tech leaders have been asking as they’ve considered moving applications to the cloud. And the answer many are finding is:…

Reinventing Education: A progress report

Reinventing Education: A progress report

The slumping economy hasn’t been kind to schools, especially in California—but that hasn’t deterred the San Diego Unified School District from its ambitious plan to give all students…

LMS software can be used to supplement traditional instruction.

Learning management systems take on K-12 role

Online and blended learning have taken off in the last few years—and that has spurred more interest in learning management system (LMS) software among K-12 schools.…

Educator Resource Centers

Complete Classroom Management for Any Environment


Many solutions claim to be “multi-platform”, but with dedicated versions from Windows to ChromeOS, Android to iOS, Mac to Linux, all backed by a wealth of best practice…

Math Apps That Matter


Primal Math is an award winning team dedicated to helping young learners develop their natural abilities to do math. We strive to develop creativity and build the confidence…

New Interactive Curriculum for English Language Learners


Middlebury Interactive’s standards-based supplemental English language program focuses on academic English and literacy development for elementary and middle school students. The culturally inclusive curriculum engages students through a…

A Network for Success


Is Your School District’s Network Prepared for 21st Century Digital Learning? Build and deploy a consistent network infrastructure that supports BYOD/1:1, Common Core and online testing, advanced multimedia…

Best Practices for Chromebook Adoption

Best Practices for Chromebook Adoption

Chromebooks—the lightweight laptops that run software from the Internet instead of a local hard drive—have skyrocketed in popularity within the last few years. In the second half of…

Critical Thinking and Technology


The shift toward technology in education has been accelerated, and the vast array of digital tools now available to educators has had a significant impact on instruction.…

Creating 21st Century Learning Environments


A leader of one of the poorest school districts in the US, Dr. Darryl Adams is undaunted and tireless. His charge? Support 20,000 preK-12 learners-100% qualify…

Navigating E-Rate


Our “Top 12 for K-12” will help you make a Wi-Fi decision when you are ready upgrade your network for the latest gadgets available in the classroom from…

K-12 Collaboration – Driving Student Success through Teamwork and Technology


Education in the 21st century is a team sport. Collaboration is no longer an elective but a requirement. Limited by time and available resources, collaborating effectively can be…

Transforming Today’s Math Education


Math can be a challenging subject for many middle and high school students—and schools and districts often struggle to find ways to improve math proficiency while sustaining student… SEO agency | Check the website for party bus in los angeles reservation

Literacy in the Classroom: How digital resources can engage students in learning and support literacy development


Being literate in today’s world means not only being able to process and interpret words but a wide variety of images, maps, diagrams, tables, and text features –…