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A new alternative to college and career readiness exams

Bucking the national assessment trend, Alabama and others are using a new exam from ACT Aspire to make sure students as young as third grade are on a path to college or career readiness....


Experts cite value of elementary world language classes

Learning a second language at an early age has many benefits, research shows—yet only 25 percent of U.S. elementary schools have world language programs....


Why learning foreign languages is a ‘crucial’ skill

Educational technology consultant Alan November is fond of telling a story about a conversation he once had with a senior executive at a global investment bank.

During the course of their discussion, November asked the executive: What’s the most important skill for today’s students to learn, so they are prepared to succeed in the new global economy?

“Empathy,” the executive replied—the ability to understand and respect different cultural points of view.

Most of today’s companies do business with customers all over the world, and several also have branches in multiple countries. Chances are good that when students...


eSN Special Report: Closing Gaps Early

Located in Marion County, a rural area of north central Florida, the town of Weirsdale doesn’t offer many opportunities for preschool education. The median family income in the county is around $37,000, or $12,000 less than the state average, and about one in 10 families lives below the poverty line.

As a result, many children are starting their formal education already well behind where they should be, according to the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener. In fact, some students enter kindergarten not knowing any letters or sounds, said Chris Sandy, principal of Stanton-Weirsdale Elementary School.

“It’s amazing to me...


Special Report: Fostering Continuous Improvement

Over the last several years, the Aldine Independent School District in Texas has raised students’ average reading scores by 18 percent, brought up math scores by 29 percent, increased its four-year graduation rate by 11 percentage points, and saved more than $100,000 per year in transportation costs alone.

Each of these successes was achieved by adhering to a simple concept, district leaders say: focusing on continuous improvement.

“Our district has been extremely successful in implementing and sustaining a continuous improvement model,” said Janet Ray, director of strategic planning and school improvement for the 66,000-student district.

The concept...


eSN Special Report: Learning a language online

In tiny Weybridge, Vermont (population 833), the most common industry is farming. Yet the fifty or so students in the town’s K-6 elementary school are preparing for a much larger world of opportunities by learning a second language.

With just four full-time teachers at Weybridge Elementary, that poses a challenge. The school does have a part-time Spanish teacher who comes in three days a week, says Principal Christina Johnston—but it’s an online curriculum developed by nearby Middlebury College that is helping to fill the gap.

“Students can access the curriculum at home, which is a huge advantage in...

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School libraries changing with move to digital resources

School libraries changing with move to digital resources

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eSN Publisher’s Report: Visibility within the cloud

eSN Publisher’s Report: Visibility within the cloud

With earlier technologies, the term “cloud computing” was an apt description: As users connected to the cloud, the system couldn’t “see” the type of device they were using—so…

eSN Publisher’s Report: How to thwart bullies through better incident management

eSN Publisher’s Report: How to thwart bullies through better incident management

School bullying is now at crisis levels in the U.S., and it’s one of the primary challenges that school leaders face in managing the learning environment. As school…

Performance assessment making a comeback in schools

Performance assessment making a comeback in schools

Spurred by a federal directive to use “multiple measures” of student success, performance assessment is reemerging as a strategy to delve more deeply into students’ skills.…

Hosted VoIP: A better call?

Hosted VoIP: A better call?

As school districts replace their antiquated phone systems, a growing number of districts are choosing hosted, or “managed,” voice-over-IP service. Besides being easier to manage, hosted VoIP service…

eSN Special Report: Smarter Education

eSN Special Report: Smarter Education

For years, marketers have used sophisticated software to track consumers’ buying habits and web browsing activity, then crunch this information and make intelligent predictions to target their sales…

eSN Publisher’s Report: Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

eSN Publisher’s Report: Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Is cloud computing secure? That’s a question many ed-tech leaders have been asking as they’ve considered moving applications to the cloud. And the answer many are finding is:…

Reinventing Education: A progress report

Reinventing Education: A progress report

The slumping economy hasn’t been kind to schools, especially in California—but that hasn’t deterred the San Diego Unified School District from its ambitious plan to give all students…

LMS software can be used to supplement traditional instruction.

Learning management systems take on K-12 role

Online and blended learning have taken off in the last few years—and that has spurred more interest in learning management system (LMS) software among K-12 schools.…

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