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Educator Resource Center

The editors of eSchool News have assembled a variety of resource centers on the hottest topics in education technology. The resource centers listed below are a collection of news and resources aimed at helping you sort out the complex challenges facing educators every day. Just click on the titles below to access these invaluable collections and start solving your most difficult challenges today!

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Educator Resource Centers

Reinventing the Classroom

Technology holds great promise to transform teaching and learning: It allows for more personalized instruction, higher levels of student engagement, and instant assessment of students’ skills—giving educators real-time…

Using Data to Improve Student Achievement

While schools now measure their students’ progress more frequently throughout the year, using this information to target instruction more effectively still poses a challenge. Turning data into higher…

Transforming Language Instruction

A growing number of K-12 leaders believe that exposure to world languages and culture—even at a very early age—is critical to students’ competitiveness in the 21st century. But…

Choosing the Right Devices for Your Schools

iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, Android devices, or Windows 8 tablets: School leaders today have a wide variety of mobile learning options to choose from. When rolling out a digital learning… источник

How to Make Flipped Learning Work

Flipped learning, in which students watch instructional videos for homework and use class time to apply what they’ve learned, is catching on in many schools. But there are…