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School Actions for Emergencies

Safety & Security News

Teaching digital citizenship across the whole curriculum

Teaching digital citizenship as a "one-off event" doesn’t lead to changes in behavior, experts say. Instead, try integrating it into the whole curriculum. …


A helpline for schools tackling cyberbullying

First-of-its-kind pilot gives schools a new tool for combating cyberbullying on social media -- a helpline with close ties to Facebook and Twitter.…

cyberbullying-law News

State law takes aim at cyberbullying

A new Pennsylvania law focused on cyberbullying comes with $2,500 fine and possible jail time for offenders. …

bullying-cyber News

New law helps fight tech-based bullying

The face of a bully has changed over the years. Technology has come to replace the glaring student who pushes others down on the playground or the mean girl…

cyber-internet News

The realities of cyber parenting

A large majority of parents in a recent national survey said their children should receive online safety or cyber security training in the next 2-5 years to keep…


3 ways to be a better digital citizen, online and IRL

Practicing empathy, offering assistance, and staying safe are good behaviors both in the digital and real worlds. Here are the top tips from one digital citizenship expert.…

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What school leaders need to know about 9-1-1 operations

Here are some resources from the eSchool News archives that might help.

Beyond understanding the need to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency, many people are not familiar with how emergency dispatch works. Unfortunately, this is also true for many school…

Tips to safely navigate Valentine’s Day in your classroom

Valentine's Day is coming up, according to this presentation.…

Place your bets: An Apple tablet, laptop — or both?

Is Apple going to take a crack at a hybrid? Or is it eying a more conventional product? Those are burning questions that analysts and the supply chain…

Think big: How to jumpstart tech use in low-income schools

The challenges of rural schools are many of the same (though not all) that low-income public schools face across the country: inadequate access to technology and broadband, tight…

Volunteer pays for hot lunch for kids who can’t afford it

A volunteer at a Houston-area elementary school who noticed some students were getting a smaller lunch of cold cheese sandwiches is digging into his own pocket to cover… SEO company

4 ways educators are using Google Glass in the classroom

With the emergence of Google Glass onto the gadget scene, tech-lovers everywhere are itching to get their hands on the famous eyewear, edcetera reports.…