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Remote Learning with 60 Mondopads at Eight Campuses Maximizes School’s Instructional Resources Read More


The new tool integrates seamlessly into the classroom allowing fifth grade students to collaborate and interact with web content Read More


A collaborative approach to learning, in which students work together in small groups and share their work with the class, provides significant benefits for students and teachers. But it also… Read More


Confused by these related terms being used in education today—resilience, mindfulness, growth mindset and grit? View this infographic to gain a better understanding of these concepts, and the extent social-emotional… Read More


Dublin Unified School District grew to 10,000 students while deploying 1:1 Chromebooks to support online assessments and digital learning. To do this, they upgraded their infrastructure to Ruckus for the… Read More


Keeping up with the escalating number of devices and bandwidth hungry applications on your network is the biggest challenge K-12 IT administrators face. Watch this webinar to learn how to… Read More


As the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon continues to grow, and classrooms move to a digital first learning model, more devices will demand network connectivity at faster and more… Read More


With a library of 3D lesson plans, a state of the art 3D printer and PD training, educators can prepare students with the necessary skills for a STEM career. Dremel’s… Read More


Create a seamless flow of information across your school, district, or diocese Read More


As schools look to modernize teaching and personalize learning, it isn’t a matter of if technology is right for the classroom, but which technology is right for the classroom. Apple… Read More


How K-12 schools use iPads and mobile apps to create a customized and personalized learning experience for students. Read More


Using technology to bring customized learning and personalized instruction together Read More


Mobile Device Management 101

November 10, 2016

Schools are not choosing just any mobile technology. They are adopting iPad because it is preferred by students and teachers, easier to manage, and secure. By putting iPad into the… Read More


Dublin Independent school teachers move beyond PowerPoint presentations with the JTouch Interactive Display Read More


With the help of LocknCharge’s faster, safer & more efficient carts teachers can save over 35 hours per school year in device pack up time alone Read More


From baskets that save class time to easy cable management to responsive customer service – learn what LocknCharge customers say about how LocknCharge enables mobile device deployments. Read More


As schools deploy devices and move toward integrated learning they must decide how to properly secure, charge, and transport devices around the district.  With the help of LocknCharge Putnam City… Read More


With the help of LocknCharge, Superintendent Dr. Darryl Adams of Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) levelled the playing field for his 19,500 students by providing Apple iPad devices district… Read More


Reductions in funding can paint a grim picture for districts.  However, there are many ways districts can find a way to secure the funding they need for devices and increases… Read More


Managing devices can easily become a daunting task. A growing variety of mobile devices on the market make the size and scope of deployments very complex. While deployments evolve, schools… Read More


If your local data backup solution failed and your district’s critical information was suddenly inaccessible, what would it cost to get back up and running? If a natural disaster brought… Read More


3D printing can inspire students to imagine, build, test their ideas, and engage in meaningful learning. With the help of many of our customers’ schools and our Education Advisory Board,… Read More


By calculating the return on investment (ROI) for a technology implementation, districts can determine if their investment will pay off. While there are some “soft” returns from a new, end-… Read More


Before committing to a new learning management system (LMS) schools and districts have some serious homework to do. A hastily chosen LMS may inhibit technology adoption, fragment users, and diminish… Read More


How To Manage Education Assets

September 12, 2016

Do you have more questions than answers about your school’s fixed and digital assets? Today’s asset management technology can provide the answers you need in a way that is much… Read More


Tracking extra duty time worked by school employees is a huge hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. Find out how schools in the Garland Independent School District in Texas… Read More


By integrating Art & Design with STEM subjects — turning STEM to STEAM — schools are working to strengthen students’ abilities to be creative and flexible problem-solvers, to explore different… Read More


As instructional leaders in science, we know that scientific explanation is a critical skill. This framework demonstrates 5 ways to bring impactful instructional strategies to life in your classrooms. Read More


What is personalized learning, and how can it be used by both teachers and educational leaders to empower students to realizing their full potential? An experienced educator spells out the… Read More


Too often, children who grow up in poverty start school well behind their peers academically, putting them at a disadvantage right out of the gate—and they’re frequently not able to… Read More


As schools look to modernize teaching and personalized learning, it isn’t a matter of if technology is right for the classroom, but which technology is right for the classroom. Regardless… Read More


As iPad usage continues to grow in schools around the world, are you grappling with how to deploy, inventory, and secure the devices in your environment? In this e-book, you’ll… Read More


Wouldn’t it be great to have a projector that is reliable, maintenance free and never needs a lamp change? What if the projector had high-brightness and great connectivity– yet its… Read More

Strengthen Your Digital177

Sponsored by Lenovo and Intel Lenovo builds technology products for the specific needs of education. Rugged devices that reliably perform, whenever and wherever they are needed Purpose designed, purpose built… Read More

Professional Development177

Sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft In partnership with Educational Collaborators, Lenovo offers customizable training programs for the Microsoft Professional Development Suite for Education. Choose the programs and the formats that… Read More


Sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft The Lenovo N22 provides students with access to reliable, dependable, non-stop learning opportunities in a cost-sensitive device. You can give your students the tools they… Read More

Windows 10 in the Classroom177

Sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft Choose the right OS for non-stop, connected learning. Windows 10 provides the flexibility, manageability, and security your district needs. Even with today’s cloud-based applications, the… Read More

The Lenovo K-12 Education175

Sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft Solutions BUILT to serve education. The Lenovo purpose-built portfolio of education products meets the needs of every digital learning environment. From administrative offices, to teacher’s… Read More


When it comes to designing a Wi-Fi solution, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, public venues, and stadiums—they all have different use requirements. Bandwidth demands are… Read More


A new eSchool News survey reveals tremendous support among K-12 educators for the concept of student-led learning, an approach that positions the teacher as the “guide on the side” rather… Read More


When K-12 leaders think of protecting students online, the first thing that comes to mind is shielding them from hackers, predators, or inappropriate websites. But there is much more to… Read More


Cisco Meraki cloud networking is built for the modern K-12 classroom Read More


As cybercriminals increasingly profit from brazen attacks, your cyber-risk strategy is under the microscope. With the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report, which analyzes advances by security industry and criminals, see… Read More


Infographic:  Attackers are commandeering legitimate infrastructure and reaping millions in profit.  Defenders are struggling to detect and combat threats, and confidence is falling.  View the latest information in this engaging… Read More


The most effective way to confront this dynamic threat landscape is to make security as pervasive as the Internet of Everything itself – extending to wherever employees are and wherever… Read More


Your school or district’s Internet filtering solution must be able to decrypt SSL web traffic to protect students and staff from potentially harmful content, while giving them access to the… Read More


Deciding to introduce iPads to your classroom is a great first step to utilizing the full power of technology, but implementing them into your current structure can be a hassle… Read More


Discover how K-12 schools are using iPads and mobile apps to create customized and personalized learning experiences for students, and the role of mobile device management (MDM) in supporting these… Read More

Schalmont Central School District Case Study800

Read how Meraki provides Schalmont CSD with a reliable network Read More


Explore considerations when choosing between a Dark Fiber network and a carrier provided managed network solution. Learn about the costs and challenges involved with these approaches, and important questions to… Read More


Educators are increasingly relying on technology to help transform the learning experience from traditional, one-size-fits all instruction to flexible, on-demand approaches that are designed to support individual learning styles beyond… Read More


Learn how three U.S. school systems have taken different approaches to closing the loop between assessment and instruction using digital tools—and the lessons that K-12 leaders can learn from them. Read More


How do districts leverage technology to deepen learning? It requires a cultural shift spanning leadership, staff and teachers. Download this Executive Summary to learn how Roanoke County Public Schools (RCPS)… Read More


Non-HP cartridges can cost more than you think. The price may seem attractive at first but add up the costs associated with poor reliability, lower print quality, replacing failed cartridges,… Read More


No question about it: Technology can—and does—enhance learning. Students and teachers have access to more learning resources, services, tools, and products than ever before, including a wide range of highly… Read More


New research shows Waterford curriculum at the preschool level has positive longitudinal effects for children through 4th grade. Read More


Learn how Arizona’s largest public school district overcame the challenges of managing its fixed, mobile, hard, and soft assets across 87 different institutions. Read More


Opportunities to enhance your school’s display technology can be found around every corner. From classrooms and faculty offices to campus walkways and dorm cafeterias, you would be hard-pressed to find… Read More


Four educators weigh in on the key challenges their districts are facing related to math instruction, discuss their strategies for effectively overcoming these issues, and give their prognoses on the… Read More


IBM Predictive Analytics for Student Performance can help you proactively identify students at risk of underperforming and deliver targeted interventions to get them back on track. Read More

WP_Technology Audits

Schools have ramped up their use of technology, but along with that increased adoption comes an increased scope of work for IT departments, who must manage their IT assets and… Read More

Brother 307502 GovC K-12 Market Solutions Q116_Page_1_800

The school environment has changed dramatically over the last few years. Educators and administrators are shifting away from paper-based documents and moving toward sharing documents electronically. This means your school’s… Read More

Acer_WP_beyond the device Q116_Page_1_800

Districts face numerous challenges when im­plementing 1:1 mobile device initiatives. They often choose different devices for different grade levels that have various capabilities and system requirements. While it is important… Read More

BlackBox 11 Mistakes Q116_Page_1_800

The anytime, anywhere era of learning is upon us. School districts and administrators are responding by bringing mobile learning devices into the classroom. Before you make a decision on a… Read More


Education models are moving from teacher-directed to collaborative student-led approaches, with technology being a key enabler of this shift. Learn how these schools are leveraging their existing technology investments in… Read More


Lately, many of the institutions we work with have been expressing an interest in competency based education (CBE), a learning approach that focuses on a learner’s ability to demonstrate measurable… Read More


The US Department of Education offers a clear definition of CBE: “Transitioning away from seat time, in favor of a structure that creates flexibility, allows students to progress as they… Read More


How can teachers encourage original thinking from all students, while making sure that everyone has an equal voice in discussions? Learn how Verso gives every student a powerful voice in… Read More

Case Study Lodi School District_Page_800

Lodi USD needed a long-lasting wireless infrastructure with enough headroom to support media-rich apps running on tens of thousands of Chromebooks. This case study explains why the school district turned… Read More


Discover how Maryland’s Prince George’s County uses Waterford Early Learning software in all K-2 classrooms to help differentiate instruction—and level the playing field for disadvantaged students. Read More


Safety and efficiency are the key enablers of great learning experiences. Effective, real-time communication is essential to keep staff and students safe, in school and in transit. Download your Education Communications… Read More


In this new Chromebook adoption resource guide, we explore some of the biggest benefits and challenges to implementing Chromebooks in education—as well as best practices and keys to success at… Read More


We want to help you apply for your fair share of available funding. This webcast series will help you understand how E-rate discounts and funding can benefit you when acquiring eligible LAN/Wi-Fi… Read More

Ruckus white paper_Page_800

The results explored in this market reserach paper send a strong message to school district technology leaders—you need world-class Wi-Fi to push the needle on classroom achievement. Read More


Significant initiatives are being widely implemented across the United States to improve student learning through enhanced digital content. The use of iPad in the classroom has opened many doors to… Read More


As the digital classroom evolves, Mac and iPad programs lead the way, supporting new school and classroom initiatives. This report outlines how instructional staff can benefit from using devices and software… Read More


In the past, teachers in Grand Blanc, Mich., had one system for their electronic grade book and a totally different system for their data analysis—resulting in cumbersome, inefficient procedures that… Read More


With the help of technology, many schools are closing early gaps in young children’s skills before they become a bigger problem later on. Learn how four school districts are using… Read More


A successful digital transformation requires technology that is easy to deploy, use, and manage—plus the funding to make it all happen. Learn how successful districts such as Mooresville and McAllen… Read More


In his famous “2 Sigma Problem” Benjamin Bloom found that students who receive one-on-one tutoring perform better than 98% of students who don’t. But paying for individual tutors for every… Read More


An innovative program started in Hartford Public Schools is leading the way in showing how technology can help English Language Learners be successful. Read the white paper to learn more… Read More


In the 2014-15 academic year, Chalkable partnered with Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) to formally measure how effective a positive reinforcement program could be in improving three critical student achievement indicators:… Read More


Have you ever thought about the time, money and space requirements of traditional paper record management? Find out why school districts across the country are racing to a digital world, including… Read More

Authentic Learning 800

The educational shift to include authentic, or hands-on, real-world, learning also includes introducing students to 3D printing technology, design, prototyping and verification. Featuring case studies from STARBASE, Project Lead the… Read More


A digital textbook from Discovery Education teaches critical thinking skills through an inquiry-based approach that uses interactive components, high-quality video, and thousands of primary-source documents. Read More


A digital textbook from Discovery Education teaches students how to think, act, and work like scientists by taking an inquiry-based approach that incorporates interactive activities, simulations, virtual labs, and high-quality… Read More


The annual JAMF Software Trends Survey uncovers trends associated with Apple adoption in education, what’s driving Apple’s evolving role, and the profound security and management implications of supporting the Apple… Read More

Meraki for K-12 Solution Guide800

Solution Guide: Cisco Meraki for K-12 Networks Read More


Today’s schools have some serious catching up to do if students are going to graduate with the skills needed for the job market of the future. How to tackle such… Read More

Enabling Bring Your Own Device800

Learn how to evolve your network for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access, so students and faculty can use any device anywhere, anytime on your connected campus. Read More

Success Factors of a Digitally Connected Community800

In this free paper, learn how CENIC and Cisco worked with others to create an education consortia for a digitally connected community of 10,000-plus institutions. Read More

The Digital Revolution in Higher Education800

Learn how the Internet of Everything is driving evolution of the digital campus and offering students and faculty new educational models like massive open online courses (MOOCs). Read More

Network Readiness Guide800

Network Readiness Guide

January 13, 2016

Read this free guide to learn if your district network is ready today for Smarter Balanced and PARCC online assessments, BYOD, and future growth Read More


Saving time, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with labor laws are all common benefits of an automated workforce management solution. But did you know the right solution, when used by… Read More


Explore a university library that incorporates collaboration technology to create an engaging learning environment. Read the case study about the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at North Carolina State University… Read More


Virtual environments can immerse students in realistic conditions so they can safely practice and learn from their mistakes. Download the paper, “Visualization and Simulation for Research and Collaboration,” to learn… Read More


This Xirrus white paper provides an overview of the latest Wi-Fi technology - 802.11ac Wave 2 - and its potential impact on wireless networks. While multi-user MIMO and other enhancements… Read More


Find out how one innovative school uses 3D printing to help Pre-K-12 students bring their creations and solutions to life! Read More


Schools can experience substantial learning disruption when unforeseen events keep students and staff from reaching campus. With innovative IT solutions, schools can provide remote data and app access and BYOD… Read More


Requiring students to work in designated areas at designated times hampers learning. By supporting new curricular models and student needs, IT can cut costs, enhance data security and create new… Read More


Education IT administrators are grappling with rapidly changing student needs and usage habits. The old way of providing computer access on campus is giving way to increased mobility and access… Read More


Brother offers cost effective Chromebook compatible All-in-Ones (Print / Copy / Scan / Fax) that can handle the heavy demands of the school environment. Use these reliable, feature-rich All-in-Ones to… Read More


Mobile students need mobile workspaces with on-demand, secure access to the apps, data and services they require, expanding beyond traditional methods to promote independent and exploratory learning – without compromising… Read More


A recent efficacy study found that LearnBop, an interactive system for learning math, helped students achieve an impressive 7-9 percentile points more growth than their peers on post-assessments in mathematics. Read More


With STEAM programs, adding arts to STEM subjects, schools are working to strengthen students’ abilities to be creative problem-solvers. With 11 tips and four case studies, this guide has the… Read More


Using HP ink and toner is more affordable, more reliable, more responsive, and better quality. Download this document and then contact GovConnection to learn how we can help you save… Read More


Although technology holds great promise in education, the reality is that many schools don’t have the expertise or the infrastructure needed for a complete digital transformation. This Ed Tech Point… Read More


We all know that learning is not a spectator’s sport, and that it doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. Explore this infographic to discover the many ways… Read More


Print-and-Online Supplemental Curriculum Emphasizes Critical Thinking with 100-Percent Alignment to Standards Read More


Educators agree! It’s extremely important for students to take ownership of their learning, and a great way to encourage this is having students create their own digital portfolios—where they can… Read More


Eliminating the Achievement Gap

September 29, 2015

According to a 1996 study from the National Center for Education Statistics, 46 percent of children in the United States enter kindergarten at risk of failure and a stunning 88… Read More


For the Tri-Creek School Corporation, getting mobile devices into the hands of students and preparing the school for an upcoming 1:1 environment was paramount. The challenge was finding a better… Read More


Mobility Makes a Difference

September 26, 2015

Katy Independent School District was determined to put digital resources in its students’ hands, working to provide them with leading-edge education through bring-your-own-device programs. No one said it would be… Read More


A legacy Wi-Fi network and 450 new Chromebooks did not play well together at Morris Elementary School. When they rolled out their one-on-one program, where every student in grades three… Read More


Students have been using technology to help them learn for years. But only recently have they been able to use digital textbooks or work on tablets or laptops wirelessly. Faculty… Read More


Mobility is a game changer. It has the potential to change the way employees work, the way businesses engage with customers, and the direction your business grows. From mobilizing employees… Read More


In today’s connected environment, it is hard to imagine a world without the convenience of readily accessible wireless networks. Cisco Mobility Express Solution offers the ideal option for businesses and… Read More


Most companies agree that mobility will have a profound effect on their businesses over the next 10 years. Insights into how mobility initiatives affect current strategy and future plans, and… Read More


With public and private cloud, small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are able to realize the potential value in mobile applications, along with bring your own device (BYOD). But overcoming the… Read More


Cisco Mobility Express Solution is a software-based controller function integrated on Cisco 1830 and 1850 series Wave 2 access points. Offering a simplified, low cost, and comprehensive Wi-Fi architecture, Cisco… Read More


One of the most effective ways to teach students is to give them projects and problems from real life. Here’s how you can offer your students usable career skills by… Read More


eSchool News, in partnership with PCMG, recently surveyed its subscribers to explore the benefits and challenges of Chromebook adoption and integration in K-12 learning environments. Download this infographic to see… Read More


Protect your Tech Investments

September 17, 2015

One-to-One implementations and BYOD are coming of age in many classrooms, creating greater learning opportunities, and changing the educational landscape. Managing and deploying a fleet of tablets for classroom use… Read More


Learn how students can build critical thinking skills and bring a meaningful, real-world understanding to all subjects by collaboratively questioning and exploring the world around them, through the lens of… Read More


As a growing number of K-12 school districts set their sights on creating active, engaging learning environments, a creative, tech-based learning revolution is taking hold—where student utilize tools such as… Read More


How Hartford Public Schools and Middlebury Interactive Languages are partnering to close the ELL achievement gap. Read More


Saving time, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with labor laws are all common benefits of an automated workforce management solution. But did you know the right solution, when used by… Read More


Is your school about to launch a Mac program, but you’re not sure where to start? That’s where the Apple Management Experts at JAMF Software can help. Since 2002, their… Read More

Mini Mesa Case Study[2]

When Mesa Unified School District needed to completely overhaul its infrastructure to support multiple devices in 3,600 classrooms, it relied on the scalability, flexibility and reliability of Cox Business Metro… Read More


Washington community college reduced the time and money it spent on tech support for faxing, eliminated its outdated infrastructure and streamlined its FERPA compliance procedures – all by implementing fax-over-IP… Read More


This white paper will help district administrators, school leaders and classroom teachers to better understand the role that 3D printing can play in improving student engagement and learning outcomes within… Read More

TabPilot Learning Systems200x300

What do K-12 technology leaders want in a mobile device management (MDM) system? The results of a new national survey offer some important insights. Download the survey results now to… Read More

Measuring the benefits of network infrastructures200x300

With technology evolving at the speed of light, K-12 districts across the nation are finding themselves caught in the crosshairs between needing to keep their IT infrastructures and classroom technology… Read More

Preparing the K-12 Network for Common Core200x300

Today’s K-12 institutions are under tremendous pressure to balance student learning needs with technological advancements and regulatory mandates like online testing. Every corner of the K-12 campus – from the… Read More

How to Improve Student Interaction and Engagement

The students filing into classrooms today are members of the generation known as “digital natives.” They’ve grown up with technology. These tech-savvy natives understand how computers can be used for… Read More


Modern education is quickly shifting away from the traditional lecture format to a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing between students, gently guided by instructors. But this new movement comes… Read More


Connecting families with high-quality early learning programs is among President Obama’s top priorities. It’s also important to Alabama’s Mobile County Public Schools (MCPS), and the district is using research-based software… Read More


Rolling out a 1-to-1 initiative is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be a headache. From your first stakeholder meeting to putting devices in student hands, here’s what… Read More

Driving Outcomes200x300

One-to-one initiatives are vital to the success of new learning environments. By putting mobile devices with Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Core™ processors into the hands of every student and teacher… Read More


The Lenovo® ThinkPad® 11e Chromebook™ Series was designed to deliver Chrome OS innovation backed by rugged Lenovo reliability. Best in class for digital learning and assessment, this device offers real-time… Read More


Personalized learning is founded upon the idea that all learners have different strengths and therefore require different instructional approaches. This same idea applies to the technology that students and staff… Read More


You want to get devices into the hands of your students and teachers but budget, resource constraints, and existing infrastructure can be stumbling blocks. Many districts are finding that the… Read More


1:1 computing is gaining traction fast but most district budgets and staff sizes aren’t growing at the same pace as demand. So how do you give students and teachers the… Read More


Apps can help young students learn the alphabet and high school seniors master calculus. Whatever the grade or subject, teachers can find apps to help their students learn. Schools can… Read More


Jupiter iO gives educators ‘a blueprint for how to improve’ with one easy-to-use, integrated system Read More


1:1 rollouts can present significant challenges for district leaders and IT administrators. In this white paper, a visionary CTO, Sam Farsaii, from Coppell ISD in Texas shares his advice for… Read More


After using a competing product for years, this New Mexico school district switched to SNAP Health Center to support its busy school nurses. The new system has saved staff countless… Read More


Today’s Wireless LAN offerings can give schools tremendous power to enhance the overall learning experience. Deployed correctly, Wi-Fi can help students use their own devices to learn in new and… Read More


Evolving Print Industry

April 10, 2015

If you’re involved in Career and Technical Education (CTE), you are probably aware that until recently most programs tied to the Printing Industry revolved around the traditional offset printing process.… Read More