eSniff Inc., of Englewood, Colo., has unveiled a new patent-pending monitoring technology, eSniff 1100, which reviews all internet traffic and reports suspected violations of a schoolÕs internet policy to a designated individual.

Unlike many blocking and filtering solutions that inhibit legitimate learning opportunities, eSniff sits passively on a computer network and does not restrict student access to the internet, according to the company. Instead, it uses advanced linguistic analysis to analyze all network traffic-including internet, intranet, eMail, chat, FTP, telnet, and print jobs-to identify, isolate, and store activities deemed inappropriate according to the schoolÕs acceptable-use policy.

eSniff acts like a “smart” surveillance camera that only turns on when someone engages in inappropriate network activity, such as viewing pornography or engaging in racist dialogue in eMail. If a user does go outside of the schoolÕs electronic boundaries, eSniff alerts the designated official and saves a copy of the inappropriate request so the official can determine if a violation was actually committed. While eSniff doesnÕt prevent students from going anywhere online, students and staff know that if they go outside the boundaries, their actions will be recorded and reported, holding them accountable to the consequences of the school’s internet policy.

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