The Kraus Curriculum Development Library (KCDL) is a popular resource for educators, is now available as a fully searchable online database. This new edition of KCDL, known as “kcdlonline,” enables users to search almost 4,500 curriculum records electronically. Via the internet, educators can search for specific curriculum documents by keyword, subject, educational content, grade level, or geographic location.

“Our decision to switch KCDL from microfiche to a web service was based on the near-unanimous response to a customer service survey last year,” said Evie Mittleman, KCDL manager.

Kcdlonline is designed to help administrators and teachers easily gather content and material. It also shows how different school districts develop academic skills and content across subject areas and from grade to grade, by featuring documents collected from school districts throughout the English-speaking world. School districts can subscribe to the electronic service for $800 per year.

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