Instead of spending hours re-installing software on a problem PC, spend minutes each week preventing problems with System Mechanic Mobile Tool Kit from Iolo Technologies, a Pasdena, Calif.-based company. Like an auto mechanic, System Mechanic performs maintenance functions that keep computers running longer. The software consists of 15 different utilities designed to enhance the stability, performance, and overall reliability of a PC.

“System Mechanic can speed up your internet connection by up to 300 percent, clean up your system registry, remove unnecessary files, fix and remove broken Windows shortcuts, and streamline your overall system maintenance,” said Francis Johnson, a spokesman for Iolo Technologies. “There’s nothing worse than a PC that’s slow, unstable, and full of useless junk files.”

System Mechanic Mobile Tool Kit runs directly from a CD-ROM, so it must be physically transported for use on each machine. Users simply insert the disc into each machine, perform the maintenance required, and remove the CD afterward. “It’s a computer-independent license, so one CD can be used to portably maintain any number of machines,” Johnson said.

System Mechanic Mobile Tool Kit costs $299.95 and works on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and NT 4.0 machines.

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