Reading assessment tool from Scholastic

Scholastic’s new web-based reading assessment program, iReach, is designed to help students in grades two to eight build reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, and prepare for standardized tests.

iReach identifies reading weaknesses using critically-acclaimed books and standards-based assessments. Students read full-length books based on their grade level, then take multiple-choice tests that evaluate 39 comprehension and vocabulary skills. Teachers get immediate feedback, as well as lessons that target each studentÕs needs.

“Teachers are feeling the growing pressures of accountability due to increased emphasis on national and state testing,” said Harry Barfoot, vice president and general manager of Scholastic Educational Publishing. “They need tools to identify those students who need to be helped by targeted reading lesson plans.”

The iReach management reports let school administrators, teachers, and parents know how students are doing on 39 reading and vocabulary skills. The reports can be used to indicate how students will do on standardized reading tests. iReach is based on skills from five major standardized tests, as well as every statewide assessment, Scholastic said. Because iReach is accessed online, students can use it in the classroom, in the library media center, or at home.

A 12-month subscription costs $99 for a teacher license for up to 40 students, $349 for a school site license for 200 students, and $79 for 50 student site license extensions.

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