Technology Learning Solutions Inc. of Cordova, Tenn., has developed a CD-ROM, called “Solution One: Internet Integration,” designed to walk teachers through the process of integrating technology into the curriculum. Using the WebQuest technique presented through illustrated characters, this interactive and entertaining CD-ROM takes the intimidation out of learning technology for teachers.

“This product has been a year and a half in the making,” said Joel Ashner, president of Technology Learning Solutions. “The presentation is fun, exciting, and easy to follow. Teachers will enjoy taking the training, and their students will reap the benefits from it.” Once the Solution One: Internet Integration training is complete, teachers will have completed an internet-based lesson plan they can use in their classroom and they will know how to do it again and again.

The CD-ROM comes with an “Implementation Guide and Workshop” for school administrators responsible for integrating technology into numerous schools. Using a “train the trainer” approach, the guide and workshop aim to help administrators establish a detailed plan of action and a clear path to success. ItÕs not enough just to provide training, Ashner said; administrators must help ensure that essential conditions are created for training to be successful.

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