AncientSites: Not just a Roman holiday for kids

Superb graphics and a high degree of interaction distinguish this site, a project of CyberSites’ Virtual Classroom Program.

As students navigate the site, they digest interesting tidbits of history. (How many of your students know that the city of Cincinnati is named for Cincinnatus, a Roman farmer appointed dictator in 458 B.C. to save the Roman army from destruction? He returned to farming immediately after he had exercised his function, and his failure to abuse his power made him the favorite historical figure of George Washington.)

Students can tour the streets and explore the architecture of ancient cities, thanks to 3D virtual representations. They can test their knowledge by competing in trivia contests or play S.P.Q.R., an interactive mystery game that teaches them about ancient Rome.

A component to AncientSites allows teachers to incorporate the site into their Latin, social studies, or ancient history curricula if they desire.

eSchool News Staff

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