The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) site links math and science teachers to useful classroom resources. A page called Digital Dozen (apparently a digital baker’s) features 13 outstanding sites each month. January’s sites included Geologylink (, where students can take virtual field trips to a volcano in Indonesia or a copper mine in Peru; Sea and Sky (, where students can learn about sharks or design an online fishtank; and InvestSmart, a site developed by students to teach investment basics using a stock market simulation.

The ENC site also links viewers to stories about math and science teachers who are charting new territory in education. A page called Innovator of the Month, for example, highlights the activities of one educator, such as December’s Dr. Shelia Strawn, who started a program to help teachers learn about scientific methods firsthand by conducting experiments in their own locales.

You can also find the latest CD-ROMs and software available to math and science teachers on the Focus page, and browse an archive of lesson ideas on the Lesson Activities page.