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I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to eSchool News — the K-12 decision maker’s technology and internet newspaper.

eSchool News is for school leaders who embrace K-12 education’s destiny to ascend to a higher level.

It’s for school leaders who see their schools poised at the brink of a transformation that literally could change the world.

eSchool News is for you.

You and your colleagues already have begun the transition, shifting from factory-style schools of yesteryear to fully empowered centers of learning — “eSchools,” if you will — equipped and aligned for the unlimited opportunities presented by the global information age.


…you told us you needed an objective and reliable news source to help you keep on top of it all — without all the jargon.

You told us that learning about how other schools are transforming education is as important to you as internet product information…that hearing from the school and technology leaders setting future K-12 technology standards was as necessary as getting a faster modem or rewiring your buildings…and that all of it was just talk — unless we could tell you where to find the dollars to fund it all.

So we created eSchool News.

Our promise to you is that wherever you are in this journey of transformation, reading eSchool News will help you reach your destination.

What’s more, eSchool News will fulfill its pledge to you in these five ways:

#1) You’ll become a technology authority for your schools…without devoting your entire life to it.

#2) You’ll get honest news reporting, vivid case histories and thorough examinations of how technology and the internet are actually transforming K-12 education….no hype.

#3) You’ll get it all without having to be a technology expert, because eSchool News is an education newspaper about technology…not the other way around.

#4) You’ll keep tabs on how schools just like yours are using new technology and the internet.

#5) And finally, you’ll make a difference for the kids. Ultimately, that’s why you’ll read and use every issue of eSchool News.

In this, our premier issue, we strive mightily to do all that. We hope you’ll let us know how close you think we’ve come to achieving our objectives. eSchool News really does belong to you, so we eagerly await your comments, criticisms, encouragement, and advice all along the way.

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