+ “Investing in School Technology: Strategies to Meet the Funding Challenge.” U.S. Department of Education, 1998.

A report providing school boards and district superintendents some tools and pointers for thinking about their educational technology plans and for developing comprehensive strategies for funding those plans.


+ “Technology and School Reform.”

A collection of articles and essays assembled in LiveText format by Columbia University. The essays cover dozens of topics regarding educational reform, including technology literacy, instructional guidelines and examples of school technology, and internet-based project design.


+ “Developing Educational Standards.” Putnam Valley Central Schools of New York has compiled this annotated list of sites with K-12 educational standards and curriculum framework documents, organized by state and by subject area.


+ “K-12 Acceptable Use Policies.” Nancy Willard, Information Technology Consultant. Materials to assist school districts in developing effective internet policies and practices ‹ including a legal and educational analysis of acceptable use policies, plus templates of sample policies for use or adaptation.


“Developing Effective Technology Plans.” John See, Technology Integration Specialist, Minnesota Dept. of Education.


“Technology Planning: Recipe for Success.” Larry S. Anderson and John F. Perry, Jr., National Center for Technology Planning.