Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998

The first multimedia reference tool to link articles to topic-related sites on the internet, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia is now available in a 1998 edition. Grolier Interactive, Inc. has released two versions of its 1998 encyclopedia‹a two-CD Deluxe Edition and a single-disc edition.

Leading the list of new features in the Deluxe Edition is “Online Knowledge Explorer,” which allows students to access two additional Grolier encyclopedias, The New Book of Knowledge for general information or Encyclopedia Americana for in-depth coverage. Online Knowledge Explorer also offers more than 21,000 links to carefully-selected world wide web sites, with an average of 500 revisions promised each month to keep the encyclopedia current.

The Deluxe Edition also includes more than 10,000 pictures, 35,000 articles, 15 new Guided Tours, higher quality graphics and sound, a 250K dictionary, and a free 45-day trial of CyberPatrol filtering software. Many of the developments of the 1998 Deluxe Edition have also been incorporated into the single-disc edition.

The Deluxe Edition sells for $59.99 and the single disc edition for $39.99. For more information, call (800) 217-1495.

eSchool News Staff

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