Hitachi MutiMedia Vision

27″ monitor/stereo color TV

The MultiMedia Vision (MMV) from Hitachi combines the function of a computer monitor with a 27-inch television, without the need for a scan converter. MMV allows you to show a video or computer presentation on one convenient screen.

Normally, the resolution of a computer monitor (VGA-quality resolution) is much greater than that of a television monitor. Scan-converted models allow you to view VGA-quality input, but at greatly reduced TV resolution. The Hitachi MMV is true 640 x 480 VGA resolution, meaning a computer image will appear as sharp on MMV as it would on a computer monitor.

MMV includes all the inputs/outputs you need to connect to your computer, VCR, cable feed, and sound system. These include R/F, A/V, VGA, and computer audio inputs and a PS2 mouse port. Using the PS2 port, you can control the cursor on your PC with the MMV remote control‹a handy feature to have while giving presentations.

The Hitachi MMV sells for $899 retail. Call Earthwalk Communications at (703) 323-4811 for more information.

eSchool News Staff

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