LaserFiche Document Imaging

LaserFiche allows you to scan paper documents or import files into a single database for easy storage of all your schools’ records. Over 15,000 pages can be stored on a single LaserFiche CD.

You can run the document storage system alone or on a NetWare or Windows NT network. In addition, LaserFiche WebLink soon will be available for browsing scanned documents via a web browser.

Several search options‹including a full-text keyword search‹let you find the records you need among thousands of documents in just a few seconds. Other features include multiple user-defined databases, unlimited index fields, and a simple graphical interface. LaserFiche is a division of Compulink Management Center, Inc.
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The new Pocketalk voice mail/pager from ConXus Communications works just like a portable answering machine for your pocket, allowing you to play, fast forward, reverse, pause, save, and delete messages from your telephone callers the moment you receive them. With Pocketalk, you can determine immediately which messages are urgent and which can wait until you’re back in the office for a response.

Pocketalk currently is offered only in the Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. areas. ConXus is working to make Pocketalk widely available by 1999.

Pocketalk works in audible, vibrate, or silent mode. It allows up to three minutes of message storage.
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WebTV Take Home Kit

The WebTV Take Home Kit from Philips Electronics provides all the necessary equipment for teachers to access the internet through their home or classroom TV at a fraction of the cost of a computer system‹under $220

for the education model. The kit features a WebTV terminal, wireless keyboard, remote control, RF adapter, printer adapter, cabling for the television hookup, and a 25-foot phone cord, all packaged in a convenient carrying case. Philips’ Planet K-12 worked with WebTV to develop a “smart card” that will help educators find resources on the web.

Philips Electronics has also established a web site for novice internet users which explains how to navigate and find information on the internet using WebTV. The web site’s URL is
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