Eight Technology Issues School Boards Can’t Ignore

School Planning and Management, May 1998, p. 18

Two teacher-education professors bring you these 8 issues that schools boards must address when installing technology in schools:

  1. A good deal of initial and continued funding is required for technology programs, so marshal funding through grants, business partnerships/sponsorships, and community fundraising efforts.

  2. establish upgrade policies for software purchases that keep the software as uniform as possible across the district.

  3. draft acceptable usage policies that address copyright, privacy, Internet, hardware use, and software licensing.

  4. to maximize returns on the technology you buy, invest heavily in staff training, especially through continual professional development programming.

  5. earmark funds for in-house or contracted technology support staff to keep systems running smoothly and to answer users’ questions.

  6. don’t ignore security issues that protect your computer investments against theft, damage, or vandalism.

  7. design hardware/software configurations that work with their facilities and rooms.

  8. set up a line item in your budget specifically for technology acquisition and maintenance, and plan to purchase technology supplies such as toner, mouse pads, diskettes, surge protectors and copy holders.

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