$33 million from Texas Education Agency

For the state’s Technology Integration in Education program, which is funded through the federal Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, $33 million to 38 Texas school districts and consortia.

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$15 million from National Science Foundation

For the Urban Systemic Initiative program to improve math, science, and technology education among low-income school systems, $15 million over five years to the Duval County (Fla.) public schools.

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$2.1 million from Idaho Council for Technology in Education

Through the federal Technology Literacy Challenge Fund program, $2.1 million to 23 Idaho school districts.

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$2 million from Apple Computer

For its Education Grants program, which supports innovative uses of technology in the classroom, over $1 million to 10 U.S. schools. In an unrelated grant, Apple also has pledged up to $1 million in network software and training to 2,200 Los Angeles County schools.

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$2 million from Southwestern Bell Foundation

To develop educational programs using interactive television and other telecommunications systems, $2 million to 79 public and private schools and districts throughout the state of Missouri.

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$500,000 from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Through its Virtual Schoolhouse Grants program, which helps wire schools to the internet, $500,000 in cash, networking equipment, and training to 50 U.S. schools.

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$500,000 from The Learning Company

To help promote literacy and reading education in early childhood programs, $500,000 worth of The Learning Co.’s “Reader Rabbit” software to the 50 largest K-12 public school districts that make up the Council of Great City Schools.

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$175,000 from Compaq Computer Corp.

Through its Teacher Development Grants program, which recognizes creative professional development projects, more than $175,000 in cash and technology products to 34 K-12 schools.

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$60,000 from Toyota USA Foundation

To conduct distance-education teacher training in rural areas of Utah, $60,000 to the Utah Educational Network of Salt Lake City.

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$15,000 from W. K. Kellogg Foundation

To upgrade the computer and technology systems of this rural high school, $15,000 to the Arthur County School in Arthur, Neb.

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