Electronic School Magazine, June 1998, p. A18


“Hypertext literature” is coming to English classrooms across the country—and is assaulting the sensibilities of some traditional English instructors. In one corner are the supporters of this “digital storytelling” who see it as a solid method for getting kids to think more critically about literature with the bonus of becoming more computer-literate; in the other are educators who see this technology coming to the classroom at the expense of traditional methods that involve group dialogue and reading to each other.

The “hypertext” method requires students to sit at computers and write programs that generate “linked” works of poetry or prose, much like the connected links on the world wide web. Students can also analyze existing software packages that have pre-linked works of literature on them.

Supporters say these hypertext applications get students interested in literature, students who otherwise would tune out or never read a work from beginning to end.