T.H.E. Journal, August 1998, p. 26

Expensive ergonomic chairs and fancy workstations are not the cure-all solution to staying injury-free while you sit in front of a computer. The author, a body movement and awareness specialist, says the key to keeping students and educators free from injury is to follow simple advice in three categories:

  1. Body awareness. Tune in to how your body sits in front of a computer, and how to sit with a posture that maximizes comfort and minimizes the chances for stress and injury (the author says you shouldn’t slump in your chair, but rather sit up straight, balancing the spinal column and head on the pelvis).

  2. Take breaks. A five-second break every 10 minutes of typing is helpful; every hour, take 5 to 10 minutes to stand up and move around.

  3. Workspace setup. Position items such as your books, papers, monitor, mouse and keyboard to maximize comfort, and alter setups according to the type of computer task.